Blueline Dryers


Every Blueline Dryer features aerodynamic, stainless steel burners for long life and greater reliability, available for use with LP vapor or natural gas. Burner and fan control power are separately derived from 115 volt transformers inside the control panel.

  • No burner power is available until power has been supplied to fan.
  • Purge timer delays ignition for 30 seconds, allowing fan to disperse any accumulated gas.
  • All controls and control wiring are protected by internal circuit breakers.
  • High limit switch interrupts power for ignition and gas if internal temperature exceeds 200ºF.
  • Gas solenoid valve closes upon ignition failure or flameout.
  • The fan motor is protected by a magnetic starter with quick-trip overload heaters, or solid state overload.
  • 12-hour timer, with HOLD feature, to shut down the dryer at a predetermined time, when desired.
  • All metal surfaces primed and painted with industrial enamel.
  • The cast aluminum propeller blade is non-overloading and precisely balanced for maximum airflow per kilowatt.
  • Each unit is thoroughly checked and then test-fired to insure proper performance.
  • 50 hertz models available for export.
  • Specifications and product details are subject to change without notice.


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