Willmar Fabrication

Willmar Fabrication

Willmar Fabrication, LLC is a leader in spray drift reduction technology. Along with the original Redball® Spray Monitor, Willmar Fab designs and manufactures broadcast spray-hoods to minimize concerns about drift and row crop spray-hoods to help control resistant weeds. Willmar Fab has a strong focus on customer service and support, and is committed to develop innovative products that solve real-world problems.


915 Spray-Hood

The Willmar Fabrication 915 Spray-Hood has better control of herbicide spray, reducing the chance of spray escaping. Its longer hood design and open front allows weeds to enter the hood and provides improved spray coverage with different herbicides.

The 915 Spray-Hood provides versatility in spraying with 16″, 22″, 28″ and 30″ hoods to protect your plants and provide the best possible spray coverage

Row Width20″ – 22″ Rows20″ – 30″ Rows36″ – 38″ Rows38″ – 40″ Rows
Width (approximate)17.25″21″ – 23″ 27″ – 29″ 29″ – 31″
Length44.5″ 44.5″44.5″44.5″


  • Longer hood for better spray coverage915
  • Sloped hood allows crop to flow around
  • Open front for flow of weeds into hood
  • Improved spray surface area
  • 50 mesh screens to reduce clogging
  • Skids have hardened surface
  • Mounting brackets pre-punched
  • Down pressure spring reduces crop injury
  • Nozzle retention plate attached to hood
  • Greased hinges reduce wearing


410 Conservation Spray Hood

The Redball® 410 Conservation Hooded Sprayer lets you apply between the rows so you can eliminate cultivation in cotton, soybeans, milo,corn and sugar cane. Armed with Redball® Spray Monitors, this conservation sprayer also includes Redball® hoods molded of high impact poly that makes them durable and non-corrosive.

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Sprayer Specs410 Conservation Hooded Sprayer
Toolbar Structure4″ x 4″ on Mainframes and Wings.
Double Mainframe on 8W and Larger
120° Vertical Fold Toolbar6N, 6W Manual Fold
8N, 8W Hydraulic Fold
Stack Fold Toolbar12N, 16N, 12W
Rigid Toolbar4N, 6N, 8N, 4W, 6W, 8W
Tank Sizes(s)150, and 300-Gallon (n/a on stack fold)
Hood Sizes14″ – 15″ Adjustable Hood for 20″ – 22″ Rows
20″ – 22″ Adjustable Hood for 30″ Rows
28″ – 32″ Adjustable Hood for 36″ – 40″ Rows
36″ and 46″ Hoods for Sugarcane and Other Labeled Specialty Crops
Boom Length(s)Varies
PumpsAce Hydraulic Driven Centrifugal Pump
12v Solenoid Valve & Manual Pressure Relief Valve (Std)
12v In-cab Pressure Adjustable (Opt)
Spray NozzlesCotton / Soybeans: Recommended TeeJet Tips (standard).
Corn / Milo: Recommended Greenleaf Technologies Turbo Drop (Standard)
Spray Boom Plumbing3/8″ Quick Attach Nozzle Bodies
Ball Check Strainers
Transport Width (approx.)12′ – 28′
Transport Height7′ – 13′ (folded)
Spray Boom Height30″ – 38″
Length (front to back)6′
Dual Application Plumbing KitN/A
Post Direct Spray Attachment KitOptional
Host Drop Spray kitOptional
Fresh Water Safety Tank9-Gallon
Light KitStandard
Parking StandsStandard
Available ColorsGreen Powder Coat Paint Finish with Yellow Hoods
Red Powder Coat Paint Finish with Grey Hoods
Shipping Weights (approx.)1,800 – 2,800 lbs.



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