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Olimac’s Drago 2 has set recognised industry standards all over the world. Its patented technology works under even tough conditions, and it is reliable and productive by downcorn.


Corn headers with technological perfection – the Drago GT by Olimac raises harvesting efficiency to a new level. Its double stalk chopper (option) achieves the ideal chopping results, eliminating the need for any additional mulching of plant remains. The Drago GT will save you time and money, and help you to actively prevent weeds and pests.

DRAGO GOLD Sorghum / Sunflower Head

Drago Gold is the result of an exclusive innovative technology of Olimac – designed in a modern and full automated factory in Italy. The sorghum /sunflower head prevents yield losses even though with an extreme working conditions or a higher operating speed. With the Drago Gold you will reach the next level of productivity, better harvesting quality and more yield in the tank.

DRAGO Trailers

Tailored to your harvesting header, we supply reliable, high-quality header trailers. They can be equipped with up to three axles, braked or unbraked, with road approval following local regulations. Our trailers arrive ready-to use with all necessary carrier parts for your harvesting header.

We pride ourselves to be the exclusive Australian Distributor of Olimac Drago Corn Heads and Sorghum/Sunflower Heads.

Global Ag Trading originated as an agricultural sourcing and importation service company.

For many years we have satisfied our clientele with delivering the best service for the most affordable price.

Years of practice trading machinery in the global market, turned Global AG Trading into one of the leading import businesses for all major agricultural equipment. 

Our fully qualified staff have an absolute commitment to superior service, which is backed  by our worldwide network of professional partners. 





Welcome To Global AG Trading