DRAGO GOLD Sorghum / Sunflower Head

The Drago Gold Sorghum / Sunflower Head

Don’t leave your profits in the field. Harvest Down Sorghum without any losses.

Drago Gold is the result of an exclusive innovative technology of Olimac – designed in a modern and full automated factory in Italy.

The sorghum / sunflower head prevents yield losses even in extreme working conditions on a higher operating speed.

With the Drago Gold you will reach the next level of productivity, better harvesting quality and more yield in the tank.

Perfection through combination

Thanks to the special rubber snouts it is possible to pick the head of the plant smoothly. In combination with the opposite rotating plates the head can be picked with higher speed and without any vibrations. The rest of the plant will be catched of the bonnets to guaranty a lost free yield.

Industry’s top figure

The 500mm auger makes the higher operating speed and the overcoming through all barriers possible. Even though dry harvesting conditions will be no problem for this speed level. The auger is protected by a safety clutch.

Two clutch system

The two clutch system on each row prevents an overloading of the rubber snouts, rotating plates and chain.

Oil batch drive chain

Thanks to the oil bath drive chain the Drago Gold needs nearly no maintenance.


The sunflower header can be also equipped with a chopper system. The upgrade is any time possible.

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