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The Drago Advantage:
Drago is built by Olimac, the premiere corn head manufacturer in the world. Olimac built the first chopping head 44 years ago, and has more than 50 years of innovative corn harvesting design behind the Drago Corn Head. Olimac focuses on quality control and builds over 80% of their own parts. Olimac Drago is the only Corn Head built with ISO and TUV certification putting it in a class with Ferrari, Mercedes and BMW.

Most of us at Headsight grew up on farms, we have worked the land, harvested grain and corn, cut corn out of beans, and baled hay. We know the joy and challenges of farming and are dedicated to help the farmer get the most out of their harvest. Since 1998, when our poly paddle was first sketched at the kitchen table, Headsight has innovated and introduced game changing harvesting solutions, and has become a world leader. From header height sensors and auto-steer row guidance to advanced control systems and radar height control, we continue to push the limits of technology.

E-Z Tech is renowned for their Grain Carts, These grain Carts are very affordable, and price comparison to other companies, these grain carts winds hands down.  These Grain Carts are perfect for the Export Customer for Several reasons:

  1. Not required to fit into a shipping container
  2. No welding required to re-assemble
  3. Direct Drive = No belts, pulleys, chains, or sprockets to wear out
  4. Completely bolted together
  5. Two can fit in the one container
  6. They come in green or red or other colors for an additional cost
  7. Very few moving parts

Willmar Fabrications are driven to exceed customer expectations, with a strong focus on customer service and support. Willmar Fabrication is working to meet the demands of an ever changing agricultural marketplace by offering products designed and built to solve real world problems. From row crop sprayers  and spray hoods to broadcast sprayers to seed containers and seed tender

Unverferth Manufacturing Company, Inc. has been serving America’s farm operations since 1948. We began with the manufacture and marketing of dual and triple wheel systems and components. The impact of this innovation is evident today on over 90% of North American farms and since expanded into the world market.

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